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Friday, July 13, 2007


Before I go in to this I just want to say I believe in what I see in the Bible, you are born a sinner and unless you turn to God and give your life over to him then you will die a sinner and go to hell.

This doesn't explain WHY? When we have angels and demons, God and Satan. Why can't we just settle everything on earth? Or why dose the spiritual people have to pull us in to their stuff? Why would such a "all loving", "merciful" ,"caring" , God put some people in hell and some in heaven? When God has said in the Bible that every sin is just that a sin. Some one might kill their sister, but I might just think about killing my brothers (lol), it's all the same to God a sin is a sin. So why do when I say I'm sorry for my sins and the other dude just laughs at God what did he do to deserve eternal damnation???

I have to say I feel sorry for the people that don't know and/or don't care about what happens in the "after life". SOMETHING had to happen to make them like this! What hurts could be in their past to make them want to hurt others!?!? It could be something as simple as coming home to a empty house every day after school when they were little. ( Now I'm not judging those who have kids go home after school by them selves. It's just a small example.)

I think that if we can just show love to the world (by the world I don't mean your good little homeschool group, youth group, or trusted family.) we can do much more than any one could ever think!

Now I'm not saying that I'm any good at this I'm totaly bad, I was a crp to my family all day and that I'm sure isn't what Jesus has in mind for loving the world. I'll try to do better though!


Jim said...

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to tell you how nicely your article on answered prayer was written.
When our prayers about something we think are really impossible are answered we are sometimes amazed, aren't we?

My theory is that we often actually could manage without them being answered like we prayed for, God wants us to remember. Remember the situation and how we reacted to it, how we prayed (and prayed) and maybe, as you did, how you went on and did your part as good as you could.
I.e. an object lesson from God on prayer, faith, and His love and goodness towards us.

Anyway I didn't say that good, a good writer like you could make these thoughts more understandable. But I did want to convey my feelings about an answered prayer (without being specific about the facts), that one (I) can always remember as God's awesomeness in a matter that isn't awesome in itself! Just that God really does care and does answer for our good.

HeiressChild said...

hi sarah, i'm a part of your mom's email list for "soul scents" and just read your beautiful testimony about how God moved in answering your prayers and honoring every thing you did in planning for your "sweet 16" birthday party. we sure do serve an awesome God. that story encouraged my heart.

i'm always inspired by people who are serving God at a young age. you certainly have good examples with your parents.

this is a great post re hell, yet there are those that don't believe. we just have to keep praying for them, and articles like this one is good seed sown. stay encouraged and may God continue to bless you with His wisdom and grace.

HeiressChild said...
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HeiressChild said...

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