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Friday, July 6, 2007

Harry Potter

You have all at least heard of the Harry Potter books.... if not......... I'll give you a little of the story line......

Harry Potter was just a baby when the most powerful wizard killed his mom and dad and tried to kill him, but for some reason the little baby got away with only a scar on his forehead. Now this was unheard of, if this guy wanted you dead then you would be dead.

Through out all the books he is questioning why did this have to happen? Why me? Why can't I just be normal and have my parents?

In the long run he ends up saving his school, his friends, his teachers, and in a few ways he saves the world. It was all because of what happened when he was little.... if he was normal, if he did have his parents, if he didn't have amazing and unusual talents because of the scar (kinda), he would not have been able to stand up and save him self and all these people.

So why the heck did I just say all that?

Because I often ask God why? why me? Why can't I just be like my friends? Why do I have to go through this?

Some times God let's us go through things that at the time it just seem like he is turning his back on us. Life can be so hard and horrible and we feel alone. But then in a day , a month, a year, or who knows even on our death bed and we see how God used that hard time to help us grow or so we can use it to help others.

It's just nice to know that what crap happens in life can be turned around and used for what ever God wants it to be..... it may not be now, it may not be when you want it, and you might not see it all the time but I promise if you keep holding on and trusting in God HE WILL pull you through.

HA! and my mom says Harry Potter can't be spiritual! lol ;)


Paula said...

I never said that. :o)

Niki said...

Great post Sarah! I have the book "The Gospel According to Harry Potter" if you ever want to borrow it.

wowitspink♥ said...

whoo hoo!
that was great!
i'm learning that too right now...
ugh... i'll have to tell u later about it... :(
but hey! :)

♥Sarah♥ said...

I would LOVE to borrow that book!!!!!! any time!
I'm sorry mom but harry potter are some of the best books EVER! lol

thanks miss niki!

♥Sarah♥ said...

ya we need to talk! I love talking with you! talking is good! lol I love you!

tonya said...

It's me Amanda.
I think that that is a wonderful message! Thanx a bunch, It kinda goes with me right now! :)

Paula said...

Hey sweetie! Check out my latest blog. You're the star.

♥Sarah♥ said...

I'm glad! I love writing when it helps people... I think it's really a God thing though! lol

HeiressChild said...

i've never read any of the harry potter books or seen the movies, but i've heard plenty of negative things about it and why as christians, we shouldn't read the books or watch the movies. you've just given me some understanding about harry potter and what he's about, and i do glean some valuable spiritual lessons from what you just shared.

God definitely pulls us thru our situations, and you're right, we don't always see it right then or understand why. that's why we're to trust God with ALL of our hearts, and not rely on our own understanding because God will give us understanding at some point.

thanks again for sharing words of encouragement and wisdom. my children are adults now, but i'm still never too old to learn from anyone.

♥Sarah♥ said...

Hey I'd just like to say all of your comments really encourage me :) thanks so much! and btw I would defiantly recommend the Harry Potter books to pretty much anyone :) they are great as long as you keep in mind that it would be stupid to become a wizzerd and that they are not good no matter how good it sounds.... lol if that made any since!

If you are interested in the books and movies then read the books first!! or listen to them on CD (the guy that reads it is amaZing!)
so ya!
thanks again!