This is a place of ME. This is a place where I will let the walls down and be honest. Joys and stories or tears and heartbreaks, they will all be here. Devotionals to poems, my heart is open to you. I will love well. I will love you and honor you by allowing you into my brokenness and the truth that God has reviled to me. This is a place of Me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Guys Hate! (3. TALKING!)

What the guys said!

"When girls talk about random nothings for hours at a time."
"Calling other girls sluts beause they are prettier or have a better body than you"

Pretty much in the words of Peter Pan "Girls talk to much!"

Part 1. Randomly Talking

An old proverb once said, "Do not speak unless you can improve the silence."

I am a girl, I know how our minds work. Shiny! Sun! Hockey! Hair! Boys! Jump! Email! Flying! Time! Boys! Text! Bunny! Clouds!

Ya.... guys don't laugh that took me about 10 seconds to come up with, its just how we think.
Girls here is a test, have a guy read those random thoughts I garentee that all they will say is "wow" or "what the heck is she on?" lol
Guys don't think this way, and it drives them crazy in abut 3 minutes. Going back to the last blog, unless you have something to say, in the words of Josiah, "You're prettier when you don't talk."

Part 2. Gossip!

Yes this is a hard one, because half of the time we don't know that we are doing it. But it's not only something that hurts others, starts fights, breaks up friendships, but it drives the guys CRAZY!
there is a goo reason it does too, and that's because it's stupid! lol Sometimes we do need to talk to someone about those around us, work through things with someone else. That's okay. Find one or two GIRLS you can really trust and talk to them about it. Guys don't want to hear about all our girl drama.

Part 3. Bad Mouthinging

So if you see a girl that always turns the heads of the guys that you are with, Do NOT call her a slut or a whore. First off she probably is a normal girl she is insicure and dealing with really hard things. Sometimes the guys say it, then it must really be true! But really I walk around all the time with groups of guys, yes I get dirty looks, so really why would I want to do that to someonther girl. Just don't bad mouth another girl beause she is always with guys, is really pretty, or has a better body. Be conifdant in YOU.

I think I will always close with this, Girls God made YOU for a reason. Please please find who you are in him and grow in that. Let God be your guide. When you can do that you are capible of catching any guys eye. Because a guy like someone who is different, and a girl who is confidant, THAT is different.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Guys Hate! (2. Drama Queens! x2)

Just have to say.... I just got a lap top! This is the first blog written on it! lol

Okay Let's Just Jump In!
This is what the guys said!

"Really Clingy."

"Self-exclusion just for attiontion."

"Supper flirty"

"Acting like their life is horible when it is really better than most"

So what does this mean?


There are two main ways to do this. 1. Being Clingy, and 2. Excluding yourself. Both of these thing are don for the same reason... to get as much attiontion as you can and have every one focused on you. Ouch. I know right? But seriously it's true. Yes we all do this in some form but we are only going to look at the top two the guys talked about.

Part 1. Being Realy Clingy!

Okay this goes for if you are dating the guy, if you just like him, if you are trying to get him to like you, or if you are even just friends!
I know I know guys are so much more fun to text than other girls, espechialy when we're bored. But the guys really can't take it all the time. What's to much then? Yes it depends on the guy and what your relationship with them is. Unless you are dating and he just loves to talk or HE starts the convo, I'm sorry! Once a day is to much! Once every three days isn't bad. Once or twice a week would be great!
When a guy get's five texts a day telling him how hungry you are, what you're wearing, what your pet did that day, or the latest gossip.... He will someday just stop responding. If you really like talking to a guy here's some good rules of thumb if you're not sure if you should text him or not. Ask these questions.
1. When was the last time you talked?
Yesterday? To soon. Wait at least one day if not two before starting a convo.
2. Who started the last convo?
You? okay make him take a turn, this is also a good way to see if he WANTS to talk to you.
3. Do you have a reason to talk to him?
Not really? Ya come up with something better than that.

Now if you are in a group and alwas jumping in the middle of the circles, fallowing the guy around, talking to him even if you're half way across the room, tring to keep a text convo going when he is right next to you, ANYTHING where you force him to focous on you. He will start avoding you.

Part 2. Excluding Yourself/ Self Pitty

Okay I see this WAY to much. If you're having a bad day I understand... But it isn't going to get any better if you sulk in the corner when there are other people around. Ultimitly you just want someone to come over and see if you're okay. You want everyone to look at you and talk about you. You want them to wonder if you're ok. Not Okay. If you're having a bad day you should have a good friend that you can talk to, talk it through with them and then move on and interact with the people around you.
Also, guys really hate it when you say life is horible and this and this and this is bad and that no one understands. Seriously? Is you're life so much worse tha everyone elses? If all you do is complain the guys will start thinking that you are constantly PMSing. MAJOR TURN OFF. lol

So ladies I said this before, but really what everything boiles down to is confidance. Be yourself. Not over the top. Not all emo. The guys will see you much better if you don't do things that make them mad and drive them crazy. Just don't creat drama.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Guys Hate! ( 1. Being what you're not 1&2)

Okay! Here it goes! I have been talking to some of my close guy friends and getting the top five things that drives them crazy! I got some really good answers, actually enough ideas to do 12 blogs! lol but I think I'll tie some together so I don't have to do that much. :) so here it goes!

Ladies this is what the guys said!

"Self counsous around others"
"Being a ditz"
"Pretending to be what their not for a guy"
"Acting like their 10"
"If you got it flaunt it, if you don't got it don't flaunt it"
"Don't put on every kind of make up you own, we don't like it"

So if this is what the guys said, and we all know we do one or more of these things all the time... What do we do about it?

PART 1~ Pretending to be what your not for a guy

We all do this every day. Some of us wake up and put on the mask for that day, every day may be different. Put on make-up to cover up the real you. Now I'm not saying make up is bad or you can't be in a different mood everyday, heck I love make-up and never live the same day twice. But when we walk out the door and go to school, the movies, the mall, park, or just hanging out around the guys, we change. Some times we pretend to be a ditz, or wine like we're 10, or always follow a guy around and talk to him non-stop... even when there is really nothing to say. Sometimes we stand back and watch the other girls (the "pros") take over, running to the bathroom every 5 min to see how our hair looks or to put on more lip gloss. Every one of these things the guys complain about all the time! Mostly the guys want to know YOU. Girls always say to me "he doesn't care" or "he won't ask about me". NO DUH! If they think you're putting on a show or just doing things to get them to like you they don't want to spend the time trying to figure out what part of you they see is really YOU! So here's what we do. Learn who you are. Yes I know, believe me I know, this can be hard. I doubt we will ever know fully, but once we figure at least a piece of this out life will be so much easier in every way. When you wake up tomorrow think to your self, Who do I want to be today? not, Who am I seeing today? or What would Bob think of this shirt? figure out who YOU are, even if just for the day, and stick to that. This gives the guys so much less guessing and so much more of getting to know the REAL and AMAZING person YOU are. Yes, they might actually try if they don't have to go through 500 layers just to see a glimpse of you. ;)

PART 2~ If you got it flaunt it, if you don't, don't.

A friend once told me that it made him mad when girls tried to dress to impress. "If we ask you out don't go find the shortest skirt you can and lowest cut shirt you have. Don't put on every kind of make-up you own. If we like you don't try to cover you up." Who would have thunk it right?! Seriously girls we are all made in every color, shape, and size. So figure out what you are and try to dress to that. My friend Ashley can't wear as low cut shirts as I can because of how she is built but I can't wear the heals and short skirts she can. We are both beautiful, but different. This goes for all parts of how we look. With hair, make-up, clothes, shoes. Don't try to be the models on TV because you never will be satisfide with yourself if you do. Let me let you in on a little secret... the guys really don't think most of those girls are hot, they say they are all skin and bones and weird clothes. WOW! I know right!? So I don't know how I am good at this resurch but could never resurch for debate... but I found some stuff that might help us all out :)

Dress for Your Body Type

How to put on the Right Mak-up

Right Hair for the Right Face