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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Guys Hate! (3. TALKING!)

What the guys said!

"When girls talk about random nothings for hours at a time."
"Calling other girls sluts beause they are prettier or have a better body than you"

Pretty much in the words of Peter Pan "Girls talk to much!"

Part 1. Randomly Talking

An old proverb once said, "Do not speak unless you can improve the silence."

I am a girl, I know how our minds work. Shiny! Sun! Hockey! Hair! Boys! Jump! Email! Flying! Time! Boys! Text! Bunny! Clouds!

Ya.... guys don't laugh that took me about 10 seconds to come up with, its just how we think.
Girls here is a test, have a guy read those random thoughts I garentee that all they will say is "wow" or "what the heck is she on?" lol
Guys don't think this way, and it drives them crazy in abut 3 minutes. Going back to the last blog, unless you have something to say, in the words of Josiah, "You're prettier when you don't talk."

Part 2. Gossip!

Yes this is a hard one, because half of the time we don't know that we are doing it. But it's not only something that hurts others, starts fights, breaks up friendships, but it drives the guys CRAZY!
there is a goo reason it does too, and that's because it's stupid! lol Sometimes we do need to talk to someone about those around us, work through things with someone else. That's okay. Find one or two GIRLS you can really trust and talk to them about it. Guys don't want to hear about all our girl drama.

Part 3. Bad Mouthinging

So if you see a girl that always turns the heads of the guys that you are with, Do NOT call her a slut or a whore. First off she probably is a normal girl she is insicure and dealing with really hard things. Sometimes the guys say it, then it must really be true! But really I walk around all the time with groups of guys, yes I get dirty looks, so really why would I want to do that to someonther girl. Just don't bad mouth another girl beause she is always with guys, is really pretty, or has a better body. Be conifdant in YOU.

I think I will always close with this, Girls God made YOU for a reason. Please please find who you are in him and grow in that. Let God be your guide. When you can do that you are capible of catching any guys eye. Because a guy like someone who is different, and a girl who is confidant, THAT is different.


Morgan P said...

i love it. ur right on the money =p. keep it up dear! *mwah*

daydreamer(*chiarra*) said...

oh my word!!! i am freakin laughin my tosh off!!! when i read the word slut i couldn't stop laughing to save my life!!!! thats so awkward and hilarious!! i was telling josiah about the human video and he ACUTALLY, honest to goodness, called me a slut which makes it even funnier!!!!!!!!!!!! only sarah would understand the absolute hilariousness of it all.

♥Sarah♥ said...

THanks love! :* xoxo

HA HAHA TOLD YOU! it made me laugh so so so hard! lol
Glad you got a chuckle out of it :)

Ashley said...

I always get told I'm prettier when I don't talk. But I don't talk about stupid things all the time... Sheesh. Lol. Just had to throw that one out there.