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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Guys Hate! (2. Drama Queens! x2)

Just have to say.... I just got a lap top! This is the first blog written on it! lol

Okay Let's Just Jump In!
This is what the guys said!

"Really Clingy."

"Self-exclusion just for attiontion."

"Supper flirty"

"Acting like their life is horible when it is really better than most"

So what does this mean?


There are two main ways to do this. 1. Being Clingy, and 2. Excluding yourself. Both of these thing are don for the same reason... to get as much attiontion as you can and have every one focused on you. Ouch. I know right? But seriously it's true. Yes we all do this in some form but we are only going to look at the top two the guys talked about.

Part 1. Being Realy Clingy!

Okay this goes for if you are dating the guy, if you just like him, if you are trying to get him to like you, or if you are even just friends!
I know I know guys are so much more fun to text than other girls, espechialy when we're bored. But the guys really can't take it all the time. What's to much then? Yes it depends on the guy and what your relationship with them is. Unless you are dating and he just loves to talk or HE starts the convo, I'm sorry! Once a day is to much! Once every three days isn't bad. Once or twice a week would be great!
When a guy get's five texts a day telling him how hungry you are, what you're wearing, what your pet did that day, or the latest gossip.... He will someday just stop responding. If you really like talking to a guy here's some good rules of thumb if you're not sure if you should text him or not. Ask these questions.
1. When was the last time you talked?
Yesterday? To soon. Wait at least one day if not two before starting a convo.
2. Who started the last convo?
You? okay make him take a turn, this is also a good way to see if he WANTS to talk to you.
3. Do you have a reason to talk to him?
Not really? Ya come up with something better than that.

Now if you are in a group and alwas jumping in the middle of the circles, fallowing the guy around, talking to him even if you're half way across the room, tring to keep a text convo going when he is right next to you, ANYTHING where you force him to focous on you. He will start avoding you.

Part 2. Excluding Yourself/ Self Pitty

Okay I see this WAY to much. If you're having a bad day I understand... But it isn't going to get any better if you sulk in the corner when there are other people around. Ultimitly you just want someone to come over and see if you're okay. You want everyone to look at you and talk about you. You want them to wonder if you're ok. Not Okay. If you're having a bad day you should have a good friend that you can talk to, talk it through with them and then move on and interact with the people around you.
Also, guys really hate it when you say life is horible and this and this and this is bad and that no one understands. Seriously? Is you're life so much worse tha everyone elses? If all you do is complain the guys will start thinking that you are constantly PMSing. MAJOR TURN OFF. lol

So ladies I said this before, but really what everything boiles down to is confidance. Be yourself. Not over the top. Not all emo. The guys will see you much better if you don't do things that make them mad and drive them crazy. Just don't creat drama.


mara said...

Hey Sarah I totally agree with you and thanks some of that helped!!

Morgan P said...

ur doing rili well w/this =D
and i agree w/all of this.
i think i've grown out of most of this =) which i'm glad for lol. cuz yes, when i see girls do these things i just want to scream. highly annoying. so good job for you =D

psychoticsongbird said...

Dude, I still do this ALL the freaking time. Like the whole texting to say "I"m hungry"... Psh, why would the WORLD not want to know that I'm hungry? I think they would.

♥Sarah♥ said...


and jen... you're retarded ;P (I can say that because she know's I love her!)