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Monday, September 7, 2009

What Guys Hate! (4. What are you thinking?)

What the guys said!

"We can't read minds!"

"How am I supposed to tell what you're thinking if you don't tell me?"

"How would I know? You never said that."

Ladies, the guys will be the first to admit that they can't read us! We often think, hey maybe I could drop a hint here, or maybe I'll kinda say what I mean and make him figure it out. Ya sorry guys are stupid when it comes to us, though we girls could use some help on learning about guys too. lol

But we blame them for messing up all the time when they don't really even know what the heck we want! It's not fair to play games or drop hints. If by some mirical they pick up on a hit you drop it will most likely be taken the wrong way. lol So don't even risk it with something important.

Guys like black and white. That's what they understand. Weather it's about if you like him or not, or what you guys are going to do today, or that you want him to buy you flowers, or serious things like how you're feeling, or sexual boundries. BLACK AND WHITE PLEASE! None of this making them guess or using "colors" or "gray areas" . You will never be happy or get what you want if you're not straight up with them. If they ask a question then PLEASE give them a straight up answer. ( I know I know I suck at this but I'm working on it!)


Guys do like mystry. We can be flirty and fun and some what mysterious. Just not about all the little things that don't matter or all the big things that really really matter. Keep that in mind when learning to interact with guys.

One last serious thought. If you give a straight answer about ANYTHING stick to it. Don't let they guys change your mind... I tnow they are oh so cute but don't let that control you ;) That's for God to do. :)
love ya'll!!!