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Monday, December 3, 2007

different people

I just finished reading a book (bright purple by melody carlson) it is absolutely amazing. It's part of a series that deals with hard issues for teens today. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF THEM!
This one was about homosexuals. Basically this girls best friend tells her she is a lesbian. She has to work through all her fear, anger, confusion, and hate. By the end of the book she comes to realize that while homosexuality is a sin Jesus still wants us to love and accept the person though not the sin.

Do you remember that story in the bible where the prostitute is about to get stoned and Jesus of all people comes to her defense? "Let you who have no sin cast the first stone." Basically he is the only one that could do that. He saved this lady's life by loving her. She changed and they all went on ladedodeda. No it doesn't always happen like that, sometimes people don't change, things don't always work out.
Now you might be thinking, "well I am not a homosexual, prostitute, druggie, or alcoholic. So I don't have that sin." Haha ya well think again! The lord says that all the sins are the same to him. They are all things against what he wants and says in the Bible. So to him it doesn't matter if I reach for a cookie I'm not supposed to have or if I reach for dope. One sin is not bigger than the other. What matters is if I'm willing to give God a chance to help me.

Yes it is God who can change a person but it is also our responsibility as Christians to show his love and acceptance to EVERYONE, We may not agree with them or have the same morals or approve of their choices, But God says "hate the sin not the person"
So that is what I'm going to do. I'm going to reach outside of my box and love somebody different. I chalange you to do the same, today in your everyday life try reaching out to some one who is different and loving them for the person God made them to be not the baad choices.


Jake Mellott said...

Hey There Sarah, Its Jake From Chic-fil-a sorry it took me so long to comment its just im kinda grounded because of my grade's also another reason why im not there for lunch any more, i know it sucks im sorry i cant make your day that much better!

Well keep in touch my emial is

or if you have a myspace

i know all silly names but hey im a silly guy


Paula said...

Thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. Great post.

Kiki said...

hey i love those books!! i am like hooked up on them riht now. you should read pitch black, blade silver, and denim blue. my faves!!!!! i am trying to read the whole seires! lol! ilove you. p.s. that was awesome!!!!!!!!!

♥Sarah♥ said...

I totally know what you mean!!! blaid silver pitch black and touch red and bright purple are my favs but I ahven't read the denim blue yet,,, lol

Josh said...

Hmmm.... *holds tongue*


IM me if you want my thoughts. :)

♥Sarah♥ said...

haha ya that I ama doing

Kiki said...

denim blue is about a girl with anorexia and bulimia. i forgot about torch red. what others have you read?

♥Sarah♥ said...

ohh I really should read that one.... I found them at the library the other day!!! it was amazing!
torch red is the one about sex.. lol

umm pitch black, blade silver, bright purple, dark blue, fools gold, and I think that's it I'm reading the pink one right now,,, ok well I'm gona start it tonight:)

Hey if you like those books you should read the Real TV series by Wendy Lawton! they are some of the best!!!

Kiki said...

it is faded denim. oops! if i was the swearing type i think i would right now! every time i read a new book of hers i fall in love with it. i have fool's gold. it is good! i love harse pink! i am mad that that is the last one though! torch red is amazing.

i def. will try those books. you should read, "looking for cassandra jane" my carlson too. it is by far my all time fav. with her. the gift of Christmas present is good too, but omw, i like "looking for cassandra jane"!!!!!!!! you know if i read a book more than once it is REALLY GOOD!!!!!!! i think i have read it like 3 times! lol!!

Morna said...

Well written article.