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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some Day My Prince Will Come


OK every one go "awwww" yes I love this pic and it reminds me of that song from Snow White. Do you ever look around and feel like Snow White, like you will never find that one person, and everyone around you has their bf and gf and your just kinda standing there smiling wondering if you will ever find that one person it seems everyone else has already found. I feel like this all the time! I have tried dating and I learned a lot from both of the relationships I was in but I guess that they just weren't right. I just don't understand why I can't find that perfect guy.... then I happen to remember that I'm only 16!!!! What the heck do I want a boyfriend for? I'm having sooo much more fun flirting with every guy ;) Ok ya it would be totally awesome to always have some one there and some one that likes you for you and that you don't have to impress. But seriously, I have my whole life ahead of me for that. I guess I'm just sick of doing that stupid girl thing, "does he think I'm hot? I wonder if he likes me? What makes her better than me? How can I get his attention? Do I even like him?"
I know I know it's stupid and I'm not really that worried about what others think about me, but still it's a girl thing.
You know, when God wants me to find that one amazing guy I will and I will have no doubt in my mind that he is the right one. Until then I guess I'll go on having fun and just hanging out with guys until God tells me differently (and he better make it pretty clear cuz I'm so confuzed!).
So ya I know that is all just a bunch of rabbling and I really don't know if it makes any since but what ever! :)


Kiki said...

yeah i have a feeling that my prince is already here

Kiki said...

he is Jesus

♥Sarah♥ said...

Thats a pretty cool way to think about it :)

Kiki said...


*~*~*Gothic*~*~* said...

Sarah, I don't even know why you thing these things! Most guys fall for you right on the spot! But its true there is more to life right now than guys. I know those exact thoughts I have thought them before. But I've been learning to block them out who cares if he thinks I'm hot that shouldn't be what matters. And some day I will find the one so I'm not streeing over it... I'm haveing fun with my Boyfriend but not takeing it to seriously cuz I know right now we are just flooded with teenage emotions that are blinding our sights of reality most times lol You probably didn't need to hear this Oh Well I just had fun writing it!
Love You!

Kiki said...

gothic, you and me both think the same way! Sarah is amazing!!! don't ya think?