This is a place of ME. This is a place where I will let the walls down and be honest. Joys and stories or tears and heartbreaks, they will all be here. Devotionals to poems, my heart is open to you. I will love well. I will love you and honor you by allowing you into my brokenness and the truth that God has reviled to me. This is a place of Me.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I finally got in in my head.
It's not love, wonder or aw,
Lust is what it is, for the tings in bed.
Always turning from what I knew I saw.

Waning there to be more,
Not just me but you too.
To all the wide open door.
Have it finally just be me and you.

Looking back now I see,
Every touch and every feel,
That's what did it to me.
The things that really seeled the deal.

You know me better than most.
Holding the key,
Many people, a large host,
They think they know me, they think they see.

You really do ,
See me for who I am.
It wasn't enough to reach the lines I drew.
Not strong enough to breach the dam.

I just have to remind me,
What I have known for many a year,
It's just not ment to be.
It stops now, this moment, here.

Stopping here and now,
Never to begin again.
Some way...some how,
THIS is the END.


Geela dear said...

i am glad that you came to that conclusion. you know how we all think that "it is love"?? well that not true. love is a commitment not a feeling. it is not something you wake up one morning with. its not something that just shows up. it grows on you. with elder people the always say that the passion fades away but the love should stay. i should send you the monolog that i wrote. it is about how we look for prince charming then God shows up and says hey i will give him to you but you have to wait till he is ready. please never think that because one guy did not treasure you that they all won't though. i learned that the hardest way, by experience. just wait for him, but keep your eyes open and your heart focused on God so that you won't miss him when he comes.

sam said...

You know dear you are so smart for someone so young! Everytime I talk to you I'm amazed! And I would love to read the momolog!
Love you!

♥Sarah♥ said...

sorry that was me sarah my little bro was sighned in! lol