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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Stories....

Just some more stories I thought I'd share to give you some more ideas of how you can "Change The(ir) World".

1. Taking flowers to ladies at the bank :) Those poor ladies get to deal with people and their money... So either it's a really good positive experience or a really hard negitive experience. This is the same with pretty much anyone in the service industry. Giving those ladies flowers was a great way to make them smile, and they got so excited the next time I came in to. It built a good relationship, we now smile and talk every time I go in. :)

2. Thanksgiving night Jennie, Kirsten, and I decided that we HAD to have some McDonalds sweet tea and a movie... yeah it's what we do when we're together. :P We went in and it was pretty busy for 8pm on a holiday. I guess they were thinking everyone would be sleeping drunk on turkey by that time because they didn't have enough people working. The two ladies up front were talking and almost panicing runing around crazy, and the poor guy in the kitchen was cooking all alone. It was just no fun. So as we left we talked to the ladies for a min and just laughed and made them smile. When we got in the car I had three fake (though beautiful) flowers that we decided to take through the drive through... It made their night!!! And we were enjoying it just as much :)

3. This is a story that is easy for ANYONE. After we left McDonalds we had to drop off movies at Block Buster. We went over there and when we pulled up we saw that they were open on thanksgiving too! So instead of using the ousdide drop off we went INSIDE and just told them it was sad they were working on the holiday and we hoped they got extra $$$$$. Jennie and I were talking and we threw out hands up and said HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Kirsten was a little behind and walked in at that point and gave a half hearted HAppY thAnkSGIvinG...! lol It was epic.... they laughed and as we drove away we saw the employees insdie smiling and talking :) Who would have thought that just going inside instead of using the easy outside a store would make someone smile :)

More storied to come.... Lots! Please if you've done something let me know! I love these stories!

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Paula said...

Inviting your mom to join you for a girl's night makes someone very happy.