This is a place of ME. This is a place where I will let the walls down and be honest. Joys and stories or tears and heartbreaks, they will all be here. Devotionals to poems, my heart is open to you. I will love well. I will love you and honor you by allowing you into my brokenness and the truth that God has reviled to me. This is a place of Me.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

car update

So fyi God does amazing things in the worst ways!!! My beautiful 2001 subaru impreza is totaled. But funny story this is the FIFTH time it has been totaled... didn't know that when I bought it. If you know anything about cars you know that if it's been totaled at all everything under the hood is probably going to have many problems down the road. BUT FOUR TIMES?!?! and that was before I got it. sigh Lots of schamming going on by a lot of people. Sigh... But God knew what he was doing and really probably saved my butt in the long run.

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