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Saturday, February 14, 2009

S.A.D Day


I HATE Valentines Day. Like really, mega, hate. Not only because I have never had a guy on that day (tho I'm sure that has something to do with it... ), but because it is just a stupid day where the poor guys are expected to do something special and unique for their girl. Honestly when I have a guy I want him to be able to think of that stuff on his own and not have to have a day to remind him... then again guys do need reminders. lol. I have just never liked the holiday and see it as a wast of time. Who knows I might feel different someday. But as of now I'm with all the people that just feel alone every year.

But this year was different. No I still don't have a guy. And yes that does kinda suck.

I worked all day and at work we gave out special Valentine treats to everyone. It was so much fun being able to see the look on their face and how it just made some peoples day worth being there even. I was in a not so good mood at 8:30 am until the energy drink kicked in... I got a little more happy and that rubbed off on the people around me and it was one of those domino effects... all the sudden I wasn't thinking about me any more, I was thinking about how I could make others day better. I tried to keep that mind set and it worked most of the day.

I got a Valentine from the sunshine of my life, Amanda, and it said at the top..... " A good leader is like a candle, it consumes it's self to light the way for others."

This is what I have done all my life, burned up so others might see better, While I have to learn where the boundries are I'm always happier when I can make others more happy by just the little things...

Something else, I spent last night with my best guy friends... we sat around and talked and it was amazing... I thought , ya know I wouldn't trade a single one of these guys for a boyfriend. It's not who we date when we are young it's the friends we have made. So why do we obses over it! Sigh! Who knows! lol

Well Happy V/ SAD Day!

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Geela dear said...

have i not said it enough???? you are the best!!!