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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What do I look like?

Melissa and me with our cookies!

" Do you want a soda?"

"No thanks prom is saturday and I have to fit in my dress!"

"Ummm ok...."

Ok so this is what it is with most of my friends, Some of them are like that when there is something big comming up. Some are just like that all the time. And I just don't get it! Ok so ya I don't gain weight and I eat a tone, but that's because I work out atleast 2 hours a day (gymnastics). When I think about it being fit isn't just about how I look, it's more about taking care of my body. If every one just added a little exsersize in their day, 1 they would loose weight and 2 they would have more energy and be a lot happyer. I know this because my mom just started exsersizeing and she is much nicer.... lol ;)

And starving yourself a week before prom will do you no good. This is a picture of my best friend and me the day of prom. We had a sleepover the night before and did manicures, fachiels, and masages, (golly I can't spell!) AND we also ate a wole pizza, a whole thing of frosting, and a thing of like 84 cookies, and had hot cocoa! little to say it was sooo mcuh fun!!!! wile everyone else is starving and only eating veggies for a week we had as much junk food as we could because we take care of our selves all the time. That was one of the best memories I will ever have with Meilssa. She has graduated now and that was the best way to spend her seinor prom!

Here is a REALLY easy way to get back in shape if you don't do any sports or anything.

1) Try doing something active for atleast 30 min a day. Walking with a friend is a great start!

2) Eat a fruit and a veggie every day.

3) limment your slef to one sugar thing a day..... I have a major peoblome with this, but did you know that most people are addicted to sugar? I know I am!!! and it's hard but after a wile you won't even want to eat it anymore! it's really cool :)

4) KEEP POSITIVE! you can do anything you put your mind to!

5) Pray- God can help with anything!

So ya this was a reallly weird post but I think it's really important to take care of your self, and if you start when your young then it will be easer when your older and you will most likely live longer to!
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*~*~*Gothic*~*~* said...

Hey There!!!
Yeah um well I don't really have issues with this problem, haha I eat and I'm still thin so I'm not really worried about it however even if I was going to go all crazy wich I doubt something like prom should not be the reason too you should be having fun getting ready for it not starving yourself nobody is going to treat you different at prom if your not stick thin (NO ONE IS). Yeah but another reason why I am thin is because my parents are Nutrietion FREAKS Yep also I have to keep a kosher diet being messianic so those two combined makes for an extremly healthy diet which makes all the difference. Remember just being thin does not make you healthy, eating healthy will make you thin and healthy :)

♥Sarah♥ said...

EXACTLY! lol that is what I have been trying to say but didn't knwo how to say it! and u nailed it on the head! thanks!